Cross-border Programme


The Municipality of Rankovce together with the Municipality of Bobov dol (Republic of Bulgaria) started the implementation of a flood prevention project, funded by Interreg-IPA “Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Cross-border Programme

The project entitled “Common actions for flood prevention in the cross-border region” with partners – the Municipality of Rankovce (FYROM) and the Municipality of Bobov Dol (Republic of Bulgaria) – has a total value of 390 745, 79 euro which is provided by the Instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA II) fund (85%), the National budget of the Republic of Bulgaria (8%) and the National budget of FYROM (7%).

In October 2016 the Project Lead Partner – the Municipality of Rankovce signed a Subsidy contract № RD-02-29-212 / 17.10.2016, with the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works – Managing Authority for Interreg-IPA “Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” Cross-border Programme. The amount of the subsidy agreed is 362 590, 59 euro. The funds are allocated under Priority Axis 1 – “Environment“, Specific objective 1.2 ” Prevention and mitigation of consequences of natural and man-caused disasters of cross-border dimension and impact“.

The period for the implementation of the project activities is from October 18, 2016 to April 17, 2018 (18 months).

The main objective of the project is to develop a common approach for prevention of the frequent floods occurring in the border region, causing damage to the local population. The implementation of the project activities will make the region more attractive and safer place for its residents and guests.

The project activities are mainly concentrated in the implementation of construction works for prevention of floods. Retaining walls around parts of the riverbanks of the rivers Golem Dol in the Municipality of Rankovce and the river Goreshtitsa, in the Municipality of Bobov dol,  will be built. Due to pollution and poor conditions of the rivers,  they frequently flood the areas concerned. Moreover, a Joint strategy and methodology for environmental protection and flood prevention in both municipalities will be elaborated and on its basis a campaign to raise awareness among children and young people in the schools in Rankovce and Bobov Dol will be conducted. The entire project is consistent with the EU requirements for transparency and accountability through the preparation of a Communication plan providing the accessibility of the project on the social networks and the preparation of promotional and advertising materials for a wide range of stakeholders and individuals.

The main results that will be achieved through the implementation of the project activities are:

  • Significant reduction of the risk of flooding in the Municipality of Bobov dol and the Municipality of Rankovce,
  • Mitigation of the effects of natural disasters and
  • Increased security against natural disasters in the border region.

The main target groups that will benefit from the project results will be the local people, the visitors to the region and the children who will participate in the awareness-raising campaigns at the schools.